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Although SRS Capital Partner’s origins resided in its unique investment banking disciplines, SRS Capital has broadened its activities to include its current service portfolio. We employ operating partners who are experts in the key disciplines applied in its offered services.



Stock Trading

Private Equity and Venture Capital


SRS Capital Partners has been successfully investing directly into private equity and venture capital enterprises for 25+ years. With extraordinary returns and over 25 exits, SRS Capital Partners has established an investment criteria set for both direct and fund investments that guides its investment strategy.  SRS Capital Partners is an opportunistic investor looking at the core competencies of entrepreneurs and management teams that when applied to an entrepreneurial venture builds a scalable and dominate enterprise.


We look first to the disciplines, character, competency and capacity of the key players before engaging in the opportunity due diligence of the business, whether it be technology, SaaS, retail, manufacturing, DTC opportunities or other product and/or service opportunities. We believe that enterprises successfully and sustainably compete by and through their core competencies, and secondarily by and through their product or service. Foundationally with unique, leverageable and value-oriented competency, any enterprise can thrive, and even dominate in its market.


It's all about the team, competency and strategy, each of which are integral in building a successful, scalable and sustainable enterprise.

Corporate Strategy

Corporate Strategy

Drawing upon the breadth of its experience, SRS Capital employs the Sunflower Model, as refined in collaboration with Robert Ryan, as a core methodology and principle of its Advisory Services. The Sunflower Model helps to codify the key and irreducible competency elements of an enterprise. The sunflower is a perfect metaphor as the large seed-center core of the sunflower is representative of core competencies, the innumerable petals of the sunflower are representative of revenue channels, and the stem of the sunflower is representative of the driving forces (positive and negative influences/forces in the market). The Sunflower Model has seven key steps:

  1. Drilling Down to your Core Competencies

  2. Building your Revenue Petals

  3. Critical Decision Making Amongst the Revenue Petals Using Matrix Modelling

  4. A Revenue Petal Walkabout

  5. Refining your Decision Matrix

  6. Building a Suffocation Strategy

  7. Goals and Execution for a Successful Transformational Company.

    The Sunflower Model and Process is a critical tool and process applied by SRS to develop transformational Hero companies.

Drilling Down to Core Competencies – Core Competencies are those things that an entrepreneur or its company does well and further differentiate them in the marketplace. Core Competencies can include technology and engineering skill sets, intellectual property, brand, personnel databases, algorithms, network relationships, etc. These Core Competencies are metaphorically the prime numbers of the irreducible; they should be unique, can be leveraged and prove a value to the customer. Core competencies fall into three categories: the obvious, the hidden and the missing. It is imperative to know a company’s Core Competencies.

The Sunflower Model helps to build alignment and qualify a company’s Revenue Petals using a unique matrix model. After applying the matrix, management walkabouts to customers become a valued part of the Sunflower Model, which helps to access and validate the outcomes of the process, including, but not limited to, verification of criteria, pain points and competitive dynamics. Following a Revenue Petal Walkabout, a refinement process is then undertaken. Thereafter, SRS applies a process and deliberate application of the Sunflower Model in the company, and the real competition. The bottom-line deliverable of this process is foundational to building a ‘suffocation’ strategy that enables the company to dominate in the marketplace; in addition to informing subordinate but critical strategies for capital, technology and product development. These strategies inform the needed goals of the Company and lays the foundation for a successful and tactical execution.

The Sunflower Model uniquely drives innovation, alignment and strategy. The Model also informs the entrepreneur in critical product innovations and strategies for market domination.

Real Estate

Real Estate

SRS Capital and its principals have financed approximately $4.0 billion of commercial and multi-family real estate property through the conventional and capital markets.  Applying its expertise in the commercial and multi-family real estate markets, SRS Capital advises its clients in real estate development, acquisition, capitalization and management. 

Further, drawing upon its investment banking experience in the capital markets, and as an investor in direct real estate properties, SRS Capital is in a unique position to advise, restructure and manage the real estate portfolios of its clients.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

Personal Consultation

SRS Capital has a robust network of relationships, in areas of emphasis that include, but are not limited to, finance, technology, venture capital, private equity, business development, product and service development, management resources and intellectual property. SRS Capital arranges strategic partnerships for its clients, through this robust network.

Family Office

Advisory & Management

Through its affiliate, SRS Family Office Partners, SRS offers a comprehensive wealth and lifestyle management solution, individually customizing advisory and management services for a very discreet clientele of single family offices. For more information, click here.

Family Office

Merchant Banking and M&A

SRS Capital and its principals have acted as merchant bankers/principals in capitalizing numerous commercial enterprises, conjunctive with arranging needed mergers, acquisitions, financing and/or public listing of its client companies, managing corporate restructures and turn-around strategies. SRS has earned a solid reputation for restructuring and turning around failing enterprises.

Risk Management

With an expertise in the global insurance and capital markets, SRS Capital advises its clients in most aspects of risk assessment, mitigation and management, and governance.

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