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Comprehensive Customized Wealth and Lifestyle Advisory Solutions

Forest Road

SRS Family Office Partners offers a comprehensive wealth and lifestyle management solution, individually customizing advisory and management services for a very discreet clientele of single-family offices. SRS manages or advises a private client portfolio of select single-family offices with assets in excess of $10 billion.


With over 50 years of portfolio construction and management expertise, a robust network of investment, legal and accounting professionals, and seasoned operating partners, SRS applies a unique concierge approach to its advisory services. Working discreetly with each individual family and family member, SRS helps to define and facilitate each family’s specific objectives, whether in investment management for capital preservation, income and growth, tax strategies, philanthropy, generational education and mentoring, and/or health and lifestyle management.


Further, SRS provides access to private transactions and relationships that are typically not available to the general family office populace. With a deep rolodex of notable private and closed relationships, SRS avails its clients to SRS’ private collaborative family office and allied relationships thereby illuminating opportunities that are not generally available to mainstream family offices.

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