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Comprehensive Customized Wealth and Lifestyle Advisory Solutions


Comprehensive Customized Wealth and Lifestyle Advisory Solutions

Mountain Range


  • Develop a true understanding of your personal, financial and intellectual values

  • Conduct a review of the entirety of the family dynamics, including but not limited to assets, companies, family relationships, in place strategies and objectives, estate plan, philanthropic entities and objectives, and financial and tax reports, etc.

  • Review existing contracts and commitments

  • Review accounting, performance, and administration procedures

  • Collaborate with existing advisors

  • Discern investment risks and communicate

  • Educate on risk mitigation, privacy and security measures and protocols

  • Summarize data in decision-making format.

  • Wealth Plan Design Aligned with Family Goals

  • Create investing principles and proactively educate on all options.

  • Design a macro strategic plan to protect and perpetuate wealth and legacy

  • Identify and obtain resources needed to support overall investment plan.

  • Examine impact of strategy on individuals and estates.

  • Make ownership or legal adjustments where necessary

  • Allocate assets and create implementation plan from strategic design.

  • Implement Plan, Monitor, Supervise and Report

  • Position existing assets and resources for implementation

  • Sell, withdraw assets to be rebalanced.

  • Allocate assets to selected managers to optimize portfolio risk-reward profile.

  • Coordinate account services to ensure compliance with tax and liquidity requirements.

  • Communicate regularly with managers; monitor risk and return

  • Ongoing tactical asset rebalancing to capture short-term opportunities and address challenges to manage risk and achieve return objectives

  • Keep family members informed and educated.

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